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Refrigeration in the food industry


Especially high demands are placed on refrigeration in the food industry.
Hygiene, energy efficiency and reliability are the top priorities.
But even when it comes to requirements for refrigerants, corrosion protection, material combinations, practical fin spacing, optimised tube and fin geometries, uniform air distribution or energy efficiency, Roller offers the optimised solution for every performance range and every application with its wide product range of evaporators and air coolers.

These air coolers are particularly suitable for use in the food industry

Air cooler / Evaporator


Proven high-performance air cooler for demanding applications

Air cooler / Evaporator


Industrial air cooler for large cold stores and deep-freeze warehouses

Special - Air cooler / Evaporator


Special air cooler with integrated cooling, humidification and dehumidification function for demanding chilled goods and maturing processes

Air cooler / Evaporator


High-efficiency air coolers for larger cold stores and freezers

Ceiling Air cooler / Evaporator


Flat, dual-sided discharge ceiling air cooler

Selected references in the food industry

Meat processing - DHN- Klüvers

When processing meat, quick and reliable cooling plays a key role in the quality of the final product. In addition, air coolers come under the hygiene concept of a company and must therefore meet the requirements of the HACCP concept. Easy cleaning is particularly important here. During cleaning, aggressive cleaning products are used and the air coolers need to be resistant to these. The company Klüvers relies on DHN air coolers from Roller with a full powder coating for optimum corrosion protection.

ApplicationMeat processing
AddressNiendorf / Baltic sea - Germany

Cheese dairy - HVIS - Exarchos

The cheese dairy Exarchos SA produces feta cheese, low-fat sheep milk cheese, goat cheese, Greek hard cheese and typical Greek fresh cheese using state-of-the-art production standards. For the ripening and storage of the cheeses Eleni K. Yianniodi Industrial Refrigeration in Greece used the highly efficient industrial air cooler HVIS.
A cheese reaches its specific characteristics through biochemical processes in which, as in this case, the temperature in the ripening room must be kept constant between 13°C and 16°C and the relative humidity between 80% and 90% for weeks.

ApplicationRipening room / Storage room
AddressElassona / Greece
ProductHVIS 482 N

Sweets factory - HVIS

Hygiene has top priority when manufacturing food, e.g. here in the production facilities of a well-known chocolate bar brand. The HVIS air coolers from Roller must meet food hygiene requirements too. To ensure a uniform, draught-free flow of air for the people who work there, the units were designed for use with textile hoses. A mixture of water and propylene glycol was used as the medium.

ApplicationConfectionery cooling
AddressHamburg / Germany
FluidWater/Propylene glykol
ProductHVIS 451 N

Bakery cooling - FHV - Biaggini

For the daily fresh baked goods in the bakery displays, sophisticated refrigeration technology is required in particular to meet the requirements of the variety of different baked goods. Fast freezing times, small temperature differences, air distribution and humidity control during storage add complexity to the task. For careful conditioning of sensitive bakery goods, the focus of evaporators is on the largest possible heat exchanger surface area with low dehumidification. For the conversion of one of the largest bakeries in Switzerland, Biaggini installed a CO2 refrigeration system with 250 kW cooling capacity, including heat recovery, air conditioning, and humidity control in the cold rooms. Biaggini relies on the reliable technology of Roller FHV air coolers when it comes to cooling the refrigeration and deep-freeze chambers.


ApplicationCommercial Refigeration

Plant seed cooling - FHVI - Thai Seed Bank

Cold room for storing agricultural plant seeds. The temperature and relative humidity are regulated by the Roller FHVI air cooler with no need for a separate dehumidifier in the cold room.

ApplicationFood processing
AddressBangkok / Thailand


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