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Commercial refrigeration


The range of refrigeration technology for the retail trade is broad. Whether it's a butcher's shop, bakery, flower shop, petrol station, restaurant or supermarket - each sector has its own requirements to ensure optimum product quality.
One thing is always in the foreground: reliability in refrigeration technology when it comes to failure safety, hygiene or energy efficiency. Roller is the specialist for air coolers, evaporators and heat exchangers for the commercial sector.

These air coolers are particularly suitable for use in the commercial refrigeration

Air cooler / Evaporator


Flat ceiling air coolers for demanding applications

Ceiling Air cooler / Evaporator


Flat, dual-sided discharge ceiling air cooler

Air cooler / Evaporator


Proven high-performance ceiling air cooler for demanding applications

Cabinet / Coldroom air coolers


Proven air cooler for gastronomy refrigerated cabinets and commercial applications

Air cooler / Evaporator in flat design


Flat air cooler for the hygienic requirements of small walk-in cold rooms

Static air cooler

UT / FK / GS / V

Series and customer-specific static air cooler

Selected references in the food industry

Ripening room - SV - Butchery

When renovating and expanding its butcher shop premises in Büchenbach/Germany by adding an ageing and low-temperature storage room, the company Lorz chose a special evaporator from Roller which offers cooling, heating, humidification and dehumidification in a single unit. An external control unit which keeps the humidity and temperature in the room constant ensures the best possible ageing results.

ApplicationRipening room
AddressBüchenbach / Germany

Reconstruction large kitchen - DLK - Schlittenhardt

Schlittenhardt's task was to upgrade all of its customer's cooling equipment  while its large kitchen was still operating. When modernizing the five cold stores, Schlittenhardt opted for various products including DLK evaporator units from Roller. To ensure reliable operation, the units which were previously used inside were installed on the canopy and the very latest control systems were used.

ApplicationGastronomy refrigeration
AddressKarlsbad / Germany

Event catering - DHN - Taggenbrunn

The Taggenbrunn hotel requires reliable food cooling systems for its exclusive guest receptions and concerts. High-quality food and drinks and especially the wine collection must be cooled to the right temperature. The attractive air coolers from Roller fit in ideally in the castle architecture. The air coolers were delivered to the wholesaler Schiessl in Pörtschach straight from the factory.

AddressTaggenbrunn / Austria

Supermarket cooling - DLK - Migros Swiss

Wherever cold rooms with different goods have to be cooled, the extremely resistant DLK evaporator is used. Biaggini likes to use the DLK because of its thick fins and high corrosion resistance, as here in Migros supermarkets.

ApplicationSupermarket cooling
AddressZürich / Swiss


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