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Air coolers / Evaporators


Special air coolers with humidification and dehumidification function


HFC | CO2 |  Water | Brine

  • Cooling, heating, humidification and dehumidification in one unit
  • EC fans for energy-efficient operation (up to top mark A)
  • Heat exchanger with full corrosion protection for use in aggressive environments
  • Ideal for rooms in which a minimum humidity level must be maintained


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Special top-class air cooler

This highly efficient special air cooler can be used for a variety of applications where limited humidification and dehumidification are required. Common applications include sausage ageing rooms, plant cooling, wine cellars, butcher shops and others. The entire heat exchanger features high-quality corrosion protection as standard with powder-coated, tin-coated tubes and a fully coated heat exchanger coil.

Product benefits

Your advantages at SV

Humidification system

with sprayer and water distribution for easier humidification

Thermal heating:

Dehumidification mode with downstream electric heating rods as standard

Adjustable air outlet fins

for precise airflow routing

EC fan technology

as standard for optimum energy efficiency in all sizes


thanks to a coated heat exchanger in addition to the tin-coated tubes

Corrosion protection variants at a glance!

Aligned Roller high-performance tube systems

with internally grooved tubes

Fully aluminium housing,

scratchproof powder-coated finish

Double drip pan construction

to avoid condensation


All product advantages at a glance


  • Cooling capacity from 1.1 to 7.6 kW
  • Temperature range: +2 –  +40 °C
  • Fin spacing 4.5 mm
  • Operating pressure up to 25 bar/ 60 bar with CO2

Easy assembly

  • Generously sized spaces at the sides of the unit for easy access via side doors, removable
  • Flat hanging rails made from rustproof CrNi steel with oblong hole
  • Connections with threaded nipple, vent and drain valve (water or brine mode)
  • Heating rods and fans wired to terminal box

Inspection and cleaning

  • Double pan construction to avoid condensation
  • Side doors can easily be removed
  • Aligned tube pattern and fin spacings for easy cleaning
  • Removable hinged drip pan for cleaning and servicing work
  • Fan with protection grille to prevent injuries
  • Thick fins (0.3 mm) for extra stability during cleaning

Energy efficiency

  • Air cooler energy efficiency class A+
  • Multi-fan units with intermediate plates for optimum flow through the heat exchanger
  • EC fans for energy-efficient operation as standard
  • Adjustment of the air volume flow according to the cooling load via external controller (0 - 10 V)
  • Optimized, aligned tube system with smooth fins ensures low pressure losses on the air side and high air flow


  • Corrosion-resistant aluminium housing with scratchproof powder coating
  • Heat exchanger made from tin-coated copper tubes and with fully powder-coated aluminium fins for optimum corrosion protection
  • Stainless steel housing (optional)


  • MS heating rods (coil) for retrofitting at room temperatures above 0 °C
  • Defrost safety thermostat interrupts electric defrosting if the defrost control system (accessory) malfunctions


Find suitable accessories for the SV

Stainless steel design

for outstanding corrosion protection in aggressive atmospheres

Post-heating coil

for warm water mode or as condenser

2-level EC fans

allowing control from 50-100% using plug-in module


for controlling the EC plug-in module

MS heating rods

for coil defrosting (tR > 0 °C) (IP66) - easily retrofittable

Defrost safety thermostat

- switch contact opens at +25 °C and closes at +6 °C

Additional Accessories

  • Insulated drip pan prevents condensation forming



In many sectors, such as the food industry, the energy sector, logistics, mechanical engineering or building services, cooling is always system-relevant and decisive for the quality of processes and thus of products. As a manufacturer of high-quality components for refrigeration and air-conditioning technology, we know:

The credibility of the performance data of the machines used is a decisive aspect in ensuring your quality requirements.

That is why we have the performance data of our products certified by independent laboratories as part of the Eurovent programme. Eurovent is an independent organisation that ensures that the equipment of the participating companies is tested under the same conditions and is therefore more comparable.



Ripening room - SV - Butchery

When renovating and expanding its butcher shop premises in Büchenbach/Germany by adding an ageing and low-temperature storage room, the company Lorz chose a special evaporator from Roller which offers cooling, heating, humidification and dehumidification in a single unit. An external control unit which keeps the humidity and temperature in the room constant ensures the best possible ageing results.

ApplicationRipening room
AddressBüchenbach / Germany

Plant cooling - SV - Sachsenforst

The state-owned company Sachsenforst has its own cold room where it stores the saplings it grows itself. They are kept fresh until they are planted for reforestation of the Saxony State Forest with indigenous tree species. The company Kälte Service Geßner relies on Roller's SV evaporators which can easily cope with the high air humidity.

ApplicationStorage room cooling
AddressPirna / Germany
ProductSV 462 EC

Product documentation

Technical data

All important technical data

Product name SV
Capacity range 1,1 - 7,6 kW
Temperature range +2 to + 40°C
Tubes Internally grooved
Tube system Aligned
Number of fans 1 - 4
Fan type EC / Suction / IP 54
Fan size 250 mm
Fin spacing 4,5 mm
Energy efficiency class A to A+


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