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Bakery cooling


In the production of bakery products, special challenges are placed on the bakery refrigeration system. To ensure the quality process from production to sale, air coolers must be true multi-talents. From temperature control in the work area of the bakery to normal and deep freezing, blast freezing and interruption of proofing, an air cooler must be able to do everything.
And an air cooler must be able to handle small temperature differences, provide extremely fast freezing times and ensure gentle storage conditions in terms of temperature, humidity and air circulation.
At Roller, we have two series of units that are specifically designed to meet the requirements of bakery refrigeration.

These air coolers are particularly suitable for use in the bakery cooling

Air cooler for gentle cooling of delicate baked goods and dough pieces



  • Low dehumidification due to large evaporator surface area
  • Can be used as blast freezer and fermentation interrupter
  • High-efficiency, high-performance EC fans for energy-efficient operation
  • Very flat design for maximum use of space
  • All components are particularly service-friendly accessible
  • Future-proof and efficient system technology with natural refrigerant CO2 (PS80bar)
  • Fast and efficient defrosting


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High performance flat ceiling air cooler for special applications and bakery processes



  • Compact ceiling air cooler with 1 to 5 fans
  • Low dehumidification of the goods due to large surfaces and highly efficient pipe system
  • Robust design for long-lasting and low-maintenance operation
  • Energetically optimized AC fans
  • Efficient defrost system for reliable cooling operation
  • Easy cleanability according to hygienic requirements

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Selected references in the backery cooling

Bakery cooling - FHV - Biaggini

For the daily fresh baked goods in the bakery displays, sophisticated refrigeration technology is required in particular to meet the requirements of the variety of different baked goods. Fast freezing times, small temperature differences, air distribution and humidity control during storage add complexity to the task. For careful conditioning of sensitive bakery goods, the focus of evaporators is on the largest possible heat exchanger surface area with low dehumidification. For the conversion of one of the largest bakeries in Switzerland, Biaggini installed a CO2 refrigeration system with 250 kW cooling capacity, including heat recovery, air conditioning, and humidity control in the cold rooms. Biaggini relies on the reliable technology of Roller FHV air coolers when it comes to cooling the refrigeration and deep-freeze chambers.


ApplicationCommercial Refigeration


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