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Furniture- / cold room air coolers

Air cooler for refrigerated cabinets and small commercial applications

VW / VM / VD


  • Efficient, uniform cold air distribution in the cabinet
  • Three installation / airflow routing variants for each type of cooling equipment (VM=middle; VW=wall; VD=ceiling)
  • Wide range of applications with a temperature range down to -20 °C
  • Robust aluminium housing, scratchproof powder-coated finish


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Reliable and robust refrigeration cabinet air coolers


In gastronomy, the catering industry, the requirements for air coolers are as varied as the food and beverage offered.  In large kitchens, restaurants, bars and cake shops, drinks, ice cream, marinades, meals and their ingredients must be hygienically chilled. Because the doors are frequently opened, the cooling equipment is subject to significant temperature fluctuations. This means that high-performance cooling is required. Furniture air cooler from Roller guarantee reliable, efficient cooling of food, even under extremely difficult conditions.

Making the proven even better!

From April 2023, the VM/VW/VD will impress with even more features!

Installation depth decisive for commercial cabinet coolers

In commercial refrigerators, refrigerated cabinets and counters, every mm³ available space matters.
The compact air coolers VW and VM can be placed perfectly between the door openings of refrigerated cabinets due to their extremely narrow dimensions. The same applies to the flat VD ceiling units.
The EC fans used as standard make operation particularly efficient.
The standard dip coating of the evaporator block is ideal as corrosion protection for mixed storage of open foods such as salad, marinades,...

All new features at a glance

New, high-performance EC fan

with approx. 80% energy savings compared to the previous model. The fan is installed flat to the housing.

Flexible installation of the drip pan

The drip tray can be turned 180° (VD) and offers more installation flexibility in the refrigerated cabinet

Terminal box for individual electrical connection

Fans pre-wired on terminal box with increased IP protection (fan with IP65)

Simple air cooler replacement

Fixing points and external dimensions for easy 1:1 replacement unchanged

Product benefits

Your advantages at VW / VM / VD

Compact housing

with a minimum installation depth of 88 to 90 mm

Maximum corrosion protection

even when acidic foods are being chilled, thanks to fully coated heat exchanger

Corrosion-resistant housing

Housing made from corrosion-resistant aluminium with impact-resistant, scratchproof powder coating (food-safe)

Use with CO2

refrigerant up to 80 bar

Single discharge

with one or two fans as a wall evaporator (type VW)

Dual discharge

for installation in a door mullion (type VM/VMR)

Ceiling installation

with generously sized drain nozzle (type VD)


Gehäuse in Edelstahl mit geschliffener Oberfläche für erhöhten Korrosionsschutz


All product advantages at a glance


  • Cooling capacity from 0.35 to 0.54 kW
  • Temperature range: -20 °C – 20 °C 
  • Great flexibility: Three installation / airflow routing variants available (VM=mullion; VW=wall; VD=ceiling)
  • Heat exchanger coil for an operating pressure of 25 bar/ 80 bar with high-pressure coolant
  • Single-phase motor: 230 V / 50 Hz, 20 W / 0.16 A
  • Defrosting: electric (MS coil heating rods easily retrofittable, optional)

Easy assembly

  • Compact housing with a minimum installation depth of 88 to 90 mm
  • Mullion (VM): Divided into two areas for optimum airflow routing
  • Wall mounting (VW): Low depth (88 mm) with airflow routing on one side
  • Ceiling installation (VD): Suction from below over the fan and with horizontal discharge
  • Terminal box for individual electrical connection
  • Protective filling (dried air)
  • Drip pan made from powder-coated aluminium (VM/VW, optional)



Inspection & cleaning

  • Front and rear side made from smooth, powder-coated aluminium
  • Smooth fin surfaces to avoid soiling
  • Durable, maintenance-free EC fans
  • Hygienically optimized condensate drain
  • Removable drip pans
  • Drip tray 180° reversible (VD)

Energy efficiency

  • Powerful EC fans for maximum efficiency
  • Axial fans for effective cold distribution in cabinet
  • Maximum heat transfer with compact dimensions
  • 3 different discharge types for optimum, uniform temperature distribution in the cabinet
  • High-performance heat exchanger with low internal volume 

Corrosion protection

  • Housing made from corrosion-resistant aluminium with impact-resistant, scratchproof powder coating
  • Heat exchanger fully coated for maximum corrosion protection even with acidic products


Find suitable accessories for the VW / VM / VD

MS heating rods

for coil defrosting can be retrofitted

Additional drip pan

with drain nozzles for draining condensation in a targeted manner (VW and VM)


Medical technology - VW - Stiel

Over the years, the company Stiel Kälte und Klima based in Tübingen has developed into a specialist for medical and laboratory cooling. When building its systems, it relies on special heat exchangers from Roller. In this case, for cooling medicines, the company opted for Roller's VW 3 fan cooler for cooling equipment and cold rooms with water cooling.

ApplicationMedical technology
AddressTübingen / Germany
ProductVW 3

Technical data

All important technical data

Product name VW VM VD
Type of installation Wall Mullion Ceiling
Capacity range 0,35 - 0,54 kW 0,35 - 0,54 kW 0,35 - 0,54 kW
Temperature range -20 °C to 20°C -20 °C to 20°C -20 °C to 0°C
Tubes 9,52 mm / Internally grooved 9,52 mm / Internally grooved 9,52 mm / Internally grooved
Tube system 35x35 mm/aligned 35x35 mm/aligned 35x35 mm/aligned
Number of fans 1 - 2 2 1 - 2
Fan type EC / suction / IP65 EC / suction / IP 65 EC / suction / IP 65
Fan size 132 mm 132 mm 132 mm
Fin spacing 4,5 mm 4,5 mm 4,5 mm


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