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Process cooling

The manufacturing industry depends on the reliable maintenance of specific temperatures to ensure high quality of the goods produced. Precise temperature control, reliability and energy efficiency are a priority.
Roller offers a wide range of heat exchangers and air coolers for process cooling.
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These air coolers are particularly suitable for use in the process cooling

Air cooler / Evaporator


Industrial air cooler for large cold stores and deep-freeze warehouses

Air cooler / Evaporator


Flat ceiling air coolers with high flexibility for the performance range of commercial refrigeration technology

Air cooler / Evaporator


High-efficiency air coolers for larger cold stores and freezers

Air cooled Condenser


Compact condenser for commercial applications

Heat Exchanger


Series and customised heat exchangers for every application

Selected references in the process cooling

Drying - LE/LK - Mälzerei/Malthouse

The drying of food requires a great deal of know-how. The same applies to the heat exchanger systems when it comes to the choice of materials, the construction and tube geometry to ensure the optimum transfer of heat. For the expansion and modernization of two new kilns at a large malthouse in Bremen/Germany, Roller supplied 12 heat exchangers (6 per kiln), each with a power output of approx. 1700 kW.  Total output: 20 MW.

AddressBremen / Germany
ProductLE - Heat exchanger

Cryogenic test chamber - LE/LK - F. Zaugg

In order to guarantee the quality and resistance of materials, tests under extreme conditions are necessary. To maintain a room temperature of -60°C in this cryogenic test chamber, the system builder, F. Zaugg AG Kälte und Klima, used a special two-stage Roller direct evaporator coil for cascade operation. The test chamber is first cooled to -20°C with R449a via the first circuit. When this temperature has been reached, the second circuit with the cryogenic refrigerant R23 is switched on and the first circuit now cools the cascade condenser for the cryogenic circuit. In order to reliably generate the evaporation temperature of -66°C in the second circuit, the requirements regarding the nature of the evaporator coil as well as the thermodynamic requirements are very specific. In close cooperation with the customer, an optimally suitable solution was also found for this project.

ApplicationEnvironmental simulation
AddressSwiss / Thun
FluidR449a / R23
ProductLE / LK

Sweets factory - HVIS

Hygiene has top priority when manufacturing food, e.g. here in the production facilities of a well-known chocolate bar brand. The HVIS air coolers from Roller must meet food hygiene requirements too. To ensure a uniform, draught-free flow of air for the people who work there, the units were designed for use with textile hoses. A mixture of water and propylene glycol was used as the medium.

ApplicationConfectionery cooling
AddressHamburg / Germany
FluidWater/Propylene glykol
ProductHVIS 451 N


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