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Static air cooler

Series and customer-specific static air cooler

UT / FK / GS / V

HFC | CO2 |  Water | Brine

  • Scalable modular system for refrigerated bar and furniture air cooler
  • Precisely tailored designs and sizes for every refrigeration application
  • Quality heat exchangers manufactured in Germany
  • Individual heat exchanger design with guaranteed short delivery time even for batch size 1
  • 1:1 reproduction of your heat exchanger


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Series and customer-specific furniture air cooler

The storage and display of food in the retail and catering sectors could not be more diverse and at the same time more demanding. Hygienic requirements, the correct temperature control and air humidity, as well as energy-efficient operation meet the most diverse refrigeration unit designs, from meat and sausage counters to refrigerated counters in the catering trade. Together with you, we develop customised heat exchangers for your refrigeration requirements in terms of performance, dimensions, refrigerants, corrosion protection, material combinations, as well as optimised tube and fin geometries. Either standard or system-specific as a system solution.

We gladly offer you the 1:1 reproduction of heat exchangers from refrigeration furniture that is still intact.

Types of heat exchanger

These design types are available to you

UT - Static air cooler (lying)

Wide range of applications, e.g. in meat and sausage cabinets with fan-guided air circulation

FK - Static air cooler (standing)

Used in meat and sausage cabinets with free convection

GS - Commercial cabinet air cooler

Used e.g. in catering refrigeration units and cabinets in various design variants with refrigerant, water or brine

V - Vitrine air cooler

Are often used in refrigerated vitrines where the installation depth plays a decisive role


All product advantages at a glance


  • Capacity range: 01, to 2,9 kW
  • Temperature range: -35°C – +50 °C 
  • Heat exchanger coil for an operating pressure of 16 bar /60 resp. 80 bar with high-pressure refrigerants (CO2/ R744)
  • Core tubes in copper CuDHP with thick walls in Ø 10, 12 and 15 mm thicknesses
  • Possible fin spacings: 3,4 / 5 / 7 / 10 mm (others on request)
  • Special designs possible: 12mm fin spacing and alternating ( shifted ) fin spacing
  • Core tube with smooth or grooved inner surfaces
  • 0,3mm fin thickness for great stability during cleaning operations



  • Distribution outlet header made of copper
  • Coolant distributor made of brass
  • Brazed hexagon nipples, threaded nipples depending on the operating mode (others on request)
  • Ventilation connections (Water/brine)
  • Drain connections (Water/brine)
  • Special connections on request


Quality and pressure checks

  • Use of high-quality copper tubing primarily from German manufacturers
  • Return bends made from high-quality copper tubing with a wall thickness of 0.6 – 1.5 mm 
  • Production in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU and EN 378
  • Pressure checks on units with water/brine: 18 bar overpressure
  • Pressure checks on units with coolant: 27.5 bar overpressure
  • Pressure checks on units with high-pressure refrigerants: up to 115 bar overpressure
  • All units are subject to an exacting outgoing quality check
  • Special checks when flammable coolants are used








Types of corrosion protection

The heat exchangers can be equipped in a variety of corrosion protection types

Corrosion-resistant aluminium (AlFe1,5Mn)

fins are standard at Roller and can be used for long periods in slightly aggressive ambient air

2-component lacquer

with an even coating of the entire surface offers excellent protection, e.g. in sausage refrigerated counters.

Tin-coated copper tubing

has an additional layer of tin and offers extra protection against corrosion of the copper core tube

Gold lacquer fins (epoxy)

is a vinyl-based epoxy resin coating and offers increased protection against slightly aggressive substances, such as cleaning agents, vinegar,..., and supports simplified cleaning.

Copper fin

offers increased protection when storing salty foods

2-component lacquer

with uniform coating of the entire surface provides very good protection when storing open food in refrigerated cabinets


Options and accessories at a glance

MS heating rods

for coil defrosting (tR > 0 °C) (IP66) - up to 2.800 mm lenghts

Suspension angle - lying

For easy installation of horizontal static air cooler

Suspension angle - standing

for a quick assembly of static air coolers

Additional accessories

  • Drain / ventilation connection (Brine)
  • Numerous sub-circuits possible
  • Corrosion-protection variants of the heat exchanger for use in aggressive environments
  • Other special designs on request

Tools for easy configuration of a furnature static air cooler

Here we offer you two tools for easy configuration.


Use the form "Static air cooler measuring guide" as a download for the analogue compilation of all necessary parameters for a customised offer for your individual furnature static air cooler.

The Roller EasySelect is an easy-to-use software tool for calculating UT/FK static air cooler. Among other things, it enables a gradation of 35 or 50mm in height and depth for the pipe pitch and a millimetre-precise design in length.

Download measuring guide!         Roller EasySelect for static air cooler


Furnature air cooler - Fa. Ott-Ladenbau

Shopping behavior has changed significantly in recent decades, also in food retailing. The customer wants to be attracted by an appealingly arranged range of products. The display of fresh goods in chilled furniture, such as meat, sausage or bakery cabinets and refrigerated shelves, as well as display vitrine is demanding. The cooling cabinets, which are adapted to the specific room situation, must also meet the highest demands in terms of cooling capacity, humidity level, quality and materials. For the construction of individual cabinets, company Ott relies on static air coolers from Roller, which are manufactured for a precise fit.


ApplicationFurnature air cooler
AddressBergen / Germany
ProductUT / FK / GS

Product documentation

Technical Data

All important technical data at a glance

    UT 1 - 48 FK 1 - 72 FK 145 - 180 GS 1 -27 V 1 - 30
Tube system   Aligned Aligned Aligned Aligned Aligned
    50 x 50 mm 35 x 35 mm 50 x 50 mm 50 x 50 mm 35 x 35 mm
Tube profile   Smooth or internally grooved Smooth or internally grooved Smooth or internally grooved Smooth or internally grooved Smooth or internally grooved
Tube diameter   15 mm 12 mm 15 mm 15 mm 12 mm
Tube spacing   50 mm 35 mm 50 mm 50 mm 35 mm
Tube wall thickness   0,4 oder 1,0 mm 0,4 mm 0,4 oder 1,0 mm 0,4 oder 1,0 mm 0,4 mm
Fin thickness Aluminium 0,3 mm 0,3 mm 0,3 mm 0,3 mm 0,3 mm
  Alu with gold lacquer 0,2 mm 0,2 mm 0,2 mm 0,2 mm 0,2 mm
  Copper 0,2 mm 0,2 mm 0,2 mm 0,2 mm 0,2 mm
Fin spacing   5 / 7 / 10 mm 3 / 5 / 7 mm 5 / 7 / 10 mm 3 / 5 / 7 / 10 mm 3 / 5 / 7 mm
Finned width   400 - 3.200 mm 420 - 3.200 mm 400 - 3.200 mm 260 - 460 mm 180 - 380 mm
Finned height   150 - 200 mm 140 - 210 mm 100 - 200 mm 300 - 600 mm 210 - 490 mm
Finned depth   200 - 400 mm 35 - 70 mm 100 mm 50 - 150 mm 35 - 70 mm
Temperature range   -35 °C to 50°C -35 °C to 50°C -35 °C to 50°C -35 °C to 50°C -35 °C to 50°C
  Individual dimensions on request!          


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