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The design software for air coolers and heat exchangers!

Roller EasySelect to calculate

static air cooler


  • Precisely tailored designs and sizes for every refrigeration application
  • Exact calculation in a 35mm or 50mm scale in height and depth
  • Millimetre-accurate calculation in the length
  • Individual heat exchanger design with guaranteed short delivery time even for batch size 1



You can expect these features:


  • Clear visualisation of the size parameters entered
  • Quotation based on a generic unit ID
  • 5 languages to choose from: German, English, Spanish, French, Dutch
  • Web-based software with permanent data up-to-dateness
  • Direct display of the entered data in the HXC sketch
  • Selection of different technologies, designs, materials and types of corrosion protection
  • Corrosion protection variants selectable
  • Free selection, without registration and password
  • Price display with password only


Simple operation:

  • Automatic transfer of the calculation to the e-mail program for requesting a quotation
  • Printout directly from the browser (CTRL+p)
  • Offline availability after first loading
  • Desktop installation directly from the browser as an option
  • Mobile optimized, incl. optional app installation directly from the browser
  • Clear and intuitive user interface


If you are a wholesaler or key account customer, we will be happy to provide you with the login data for the version with price calculation.

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