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What characterizes Roller products?


Roller has been manufacturing air coolers and heat exchangers very successfully for over 75 years and has gained a reputation as a quality manufacturer over the years. But what actually distinguishes Roller products in detail?
Roller products have a whole range of distinctive features that differentiate them from competitor products. They make the difference in quality and reliability that Roller stands for as a traditional company - Made in Germany.


Discover the difference!

Proven Roller High Performance Tube Systems

Aligned tube systems represent the best compromise between performance and efficiency in commercial and industrial refrigeration air chiller applications. Air-side pressure drops of the evaporator blocks are approximately 25% lower than with staggered tube systems, requiring less operating energy for the fans. Special, internally finned quality copper core tubes stand for high power density due to very good heat transfers.


The use of aligned tube systems is always accompanied by the fact that more surface area is required to compensate for a certain performance disadvantage compared to staggered systems. However, the positive characteristics associated with this clearly outweigh the disadvantages: with large heat exchanger surfaces, dehumidification is minimized, the refrigerated goods do not dry out, and the valuable quality of the refrigerated goods is maintained. As less frost is formed, the number of defrosting operations is also reduced, as is the energy required to melt the ice again.

Thick-wall heat exchanger fins


Roller series air coolers have 0.3 mm thick fins. These are smooth and do not have any stampings or turbulators that create additional pressure losses on the air side or provide a point of attack for any dirt. The reinforced material ensures good heat transfer and thus the fins contribute to the high efficiency of Roller heat exchangers.


Another advantage is the high mechanical resistance in use, e.g. during cleaning processes. The fins also withstand loads caused by frost and ice in the hard operation of the freezer room and in commercial applications. For a wide variety of refrigeration, freezer and deep freeze applications, there is a choice of fin spacing 4.0mm; 6-7.0mm; 10.0mm; Special 12mm.

Optimal heat transfer of the heating capacity

Ein Design-Standard unserer elektrischen Abtauungen ist der Einbau der Edelstahl-Rohrheizkörper in sogenannte Alumantelrohre. Diese werden ebenso wie die kältemittelführenden Kupferrohre durch Aufweiten fest mit dem Wärmetauscher verbunden und stellen eine optimale Wärmeleitung an die Lamellen und den Block her.


This is the only way to prevent the direct contact between the melted water and the hot heater rod surfaces from forming vapor clouds that lead to undesirable crystal or snowflake formation. In addition, ice pockets at the injection valves and other points are avoided.

CO2 applications up to 80bar operating pressure


The switch to environmentally friendly refrigerants, such as natural CO2 and ultra low-GWP refrigerant A2L, are of particular interest to system builders.

For the use of CO2, Roller has developed an optimized heat exchanger system for evaporators that not only meets the specific requirements of CO2 (PS 80 bar) for small tube diameters of 9.52 mm, but can also be offered with a maximum fin spacing of 12 mm, making it available for cryogenic applications.

Efficient and thick-walled pipe systems

Roller offers copper tube wall thicknesses of up to 0.7 and 1 mm in heat exchanger construction. The top priority is the safe use and operation of our products and the durability that our customers expect.

Heat exchangers are always subject to thermal stress in applications. In the case of air coolers, this is often accompanied by stresses from frost and ice formation.
In evaporators, high pressure loads on the tube system (up to PS 80 bar for CO2) occur during operation.

Higher wall thicknesses in the tube system withstand the mix of stresses much longer and lead to less material fatigue. In combination with corrosive ambient conditions, this can significantly increase the life cycle of the air cooler. In aggressive applications, however, only suitable corrosion protection offers greater safety.

Spare parts supply still after 20 years


For us, the topic of obsolescence management, in other words keeping aging products usable through long-term reparability and the stocking of spare parts, is an important part of our service for our customers. In addition, the air cooler is upgraded in its efficiency class, as AC fans are replaced by energy-saving EC fans. The same also applies to heating elements and assemblies, which are subject to certain stresses over the years and can wear out.


Hygiene standards based on HACCP concept

Hygiene plays a particularly important role in the food industry. That is why we base the design features of our air coolers on the HACCP concept during development and offer maximum serviceability for easy cleaning.


Smooth surfaces, rounded corners, swiveling fans and removable drip pans and side covers provide easy access and allow for hygienic operation.



100% Made in Gerlingen


We attach great importance to the "Made in Germany" label. Not only are the products 100% built in Germany, but also the components are manufactured in regional partnerships with brand manufacturers such as ebm-papst, Ziehl-Abegg, Wieland, Würth and others, who in turn value long-standing partnerships and deliver reliably.


Optimum corrosion protection for the entire unit

Roller offers effective corrosion protection with which the air coolers and heat exchangers can be operated safely and, above all, tightly throughout their entire life cycle.


And this includes not only the housing and the heat exchanger, but also the connection system.


Here you can find all details about corrosion protection


With safety - Well packaged!

We supply a wide range of high-quality air coolers and heat exchangers, sometimes also very powerful and correspondingly large units. In order to protect them as best as possible from the rough handling in logistics on their sometimes long journey to the point of use, our in-house joinery manufactures individual, stable and robust wooden crates.

But the crate packaging of our industrial air coolers can do even more! The units are placed in it in such a way that they can be easily and safely lifted under the ceiling by forklift truck for assembly.



2000 units permanently in stock


Roller maintains a close partnership with all wholesalers through which Roller products are offered. In order to keep the delivery times of the standard products as short as possible, Roller maintains a logistics center with the most common models in addition to the wholesalers, in order to support the refrigeration industry via the refrigeration and air conditioning wholesalers practically without delays in their daily business with evaporators, but also spare parts. The current stock of almost 2000 units can be checked at any time via the "Stock information" tab on this website.