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The requirements for cooling in warehouse logistics could not be more diverse. The tasks are very specific:
In plus cold stores for fruit and vegetables, it is crucial that the sensitive chilled goods are stored in the right conditions and cooled gently.
Dairy products are highly perishable and require a closed cold chain.
Ripening chambers turn fruit varieties into products ready for sale.
In deep-freeze warehouses, uniform temperature distribution is important, reliable air coolers protect against thawing of the goods.
In order-picking rooms, the impact on employees must be minimised.
Roller offers a variety of individual solutions for all applications.

These air coolers are particularly suitable for use in the storage and logistic industry

Air cooler / Evaporator


Industrial air cooler for large cold stores and deep-freeze warehouses

Ceiling Air cooler / Evaporator


Flat, dual-sided discharge ceiling air cooler

Air cooler / Evaporator


High-efficiency air coolers for larger cold stores and freezers

Air cooler / Evaporator


Flat ceiling air coolers with high flexibility for the performance range of commercial refrigeration technology

Air cooled Condenser


Compact condenser for commercial applications

Selected references in the storage and logistics industry

Logistic centre - HVIS- Troiber

This high-rack warehouse of a deep-freeze logistics company placed special demands on Roller's industrial direct expansion evaporators. Due to the narrow and long aisles, 14 single-fan evaporators type HVIST with extremely high air throw were applied. Airflow streamers support the fans with high external pressure. Furthermore, the air coolers are equipped with 10 mm fin spacing, insulated drip tray, defrost hood, defrost damper and a special frame heater.

ApplicationDistribution centre / Logistic centre
AddressPassau / Germany
Product14 x HVIST 1081

Fruit cooling - DHN- Coop Swiss

Correct refrigeration is crucial to how fresh the fruit and vegetables are when they reach the retailer's counters. An equal distribution of product-specific temperatures while maintaining the correct humidity levels are just as important as protection against other environmental influences. For this cold store for organic fruit and vegetables in Switzerland, our customer Biagginifrigoriferi used double-sided discharge CO2 ceiling aircoolers of type DHN.

ApplicationFruit and vegetable cooling
AddressBern - Swiss

Potato warehouse - FHV - Berchtold

Potatoes that are stored for a longer period of time start to sprout. This process can be delayed by chemical treatment (powdering) or cooling. Since powdering has been banned in Switzerland, the direct marketer decided to cool his stored potatoes. Berchthold Kältetechnik installed a refrigeration system with two Roller FHV evaporators paired with a Silensis outdoor unit in the approx. 50 sqm hall.

ApplicationFruit/vegetable cooling

Order-picking warehouse - DHN/KVN - Klüvers

Order picking warehouses are particularly susceptible to the effects of air from outdoors which enters when the doors are open. To ensure that the cold chain is not interrupted high-performance air coolers which can cope with the resulting moisture are required. An effective defrosting system is particularly important here. The company Klüvers relies on DHN air coolers from Roller with their reliable and efficient defrosting system.

ApplicationOrder-picking warehouse
AddressNiendorf / Baltic sea - Germany
ProductDHN and KVN

Fish processing - HVST - Lauenroth Fischfeinkost

When processing and storing fish products, the salt content and vinegar-based marinades place particularly high demands on the evaporators in terms of corrosion protection, hygiene and defrosting. For direct processing, appliances with stainless steel housings and corrosion-protected heat exchangers are therefore used. For the deep-freezing of the packaged goods in this fish delicatessen, special attention was paid to efficient operation and a stable high air flow rate for even temperature distribution.

ApplicationFish processing
AddressLüdersdorf / Germany


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