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Air-cooled condenser

Compact condenser for commercial applications


HFC | CO2 | (Water/Brine)

  • Air cooled condenser with energy-efficient AC fans
  • High-performance heat exchanger with maximum power per m²
  • Use as hot gas desuperheater for CO2 applications


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Compact high-performance condensers for commercial refrigeration

The energy-efficient air-cooled condenser is perfectly tailored to Roller air coolers for use in commercial cooling. The very compact, low-noise, vertical units can be mounted at floor level or on a wall to save space. A range of proven corrosion protection options is available to cope with different environmental conditions.

Product benefits

Your advantages at KVN

Housing made from corrosion-resistant aluminium

and galvanized steel sheeting with impact-resistant, scratchproof powder coating throughout

Corrosion protection

for heat exchanger with tin-coated copper tubes and 2-component lacquered coating (optional)

All corrosion protection variants at a glance!

High-performance tube system

Aligned Roller high-performance smooth tube system

Best possible subcooling

due to special pipe connection


All product advantages at a glance


  • Cooling capacity from 2.4 to 27 kW
  • Temperature range: -35 °C – 50 °C 
  • Heat exchanger coil for an operating pressure of 25 bar/ 60 bar with high-pressure coolant
  • Quiet ERP-compliant AC fans
  • Horizontal airflow routing

Inspection and cleaning

  • Smooth fin surfaces prevent soiling and make cleaning easier
  • Thick fins (0.2 mm) for extra stability during cleaning
  • Durable, maintenance-free fans
  • Repair switch/motor protection switch

Corrosion protection

  • Corrosion-resistant aluminium and galvanized steel sheeting with impact-resistant, scratchproof powder coating
  • Powder-coated heat exchanger for different environmental conditions (optional)
  • Stainless steel housing (optional)
  • All corrosion protection variants at a glance


Easy assembly

  • Compact housing dimensions requiring minimal space
  • Easy wall mounting on brackets
  • Different tube geometries allow the use of different coolants
  • Robust construction for torsion-free installation 
  • Easy to connect with generously sized terminal box

    Energy efficiency

    • AC fans or, optionally, energy-saving EC fans
    • Separate air suction chambers for optimum flow through the heat exchanger (units with a number of fans)
    • High-performance heat exchanger with low internal volume and maximum power per m²
    • Optimized, aligned tube system with smooth fins ensures low pressure losses on the air side and high air flow
    • High-quality fans from German manufacturers
    • Different sub-circuits for efficient supercooling of the coolant




      Find suitable accessories for the KVN

      Weather protection cover

      on one or both sides

      Other accessories

      • Customer-specific special water-brine design
      • Different sub-circuits possible
      • Various types of heat exchanger corrosion protection for use in aggressive environments
      • Stainless steel housing 
      • EC fans for energy-efficient operation
      • Three-phase fans


      Cold store - KNV - Klüvers

      On the heat discharge side, the available space for the condensers or dry coolers often plays a crucial role. Noise levels and corrosion must also be taken into account. Klüvers opted for a wall-mounted KVN condenser from Roller with gold lacquered fins which are resistant to the salty sea air.

      ApplicationCold store for packaged goods
      AddressNiendorf / Germany

      Product documentation

      Technical data

      All important technical data

      Product name KVN
      Capacity range 2,4 - 27 kW
      Temperature range -35 °C to 50°C
      Tubes Smooth tube
      Tube system 35x35 mm aligned
      Number of fans 1 - 3
      Fan type AC / suction / IP 44
      Fan size 400 mm
      Fin spacing 3 mm
      Energy effizcieny class A+ to B


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