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HVAC industry

Today, a multitude of different applications such as server rooms, clean rooms, medical facilities and practices, shops, offices, greenhouses, and so on, place specific demands on building technology.
The right temperature, air quality and air movement play an important role. Here, with individual heat exchangers, we offer suitable solutions for a wide range of tasks.
The robust HKN air-conditioning unit stands for barely noticeable conditioning and a comfortable indoor climate with high energy efficiency.

These air coolers are particularly suitable for use in HVAC industry

Fan Coil Units


Fan coil units for a perfect indoor climate

Ceiling Air cooler / Evaporator


Flat, dual-sided discharge ceiling air cooler

Heatpump evaporator


Heat pump evaporator for outdoor installation

Air cooled Condenser


Compact condenser for commercial applications

Heat Exchanger


Series and customised heat exchangers for every application

Selected references in the HVAC industry

Office air conditioning - HKN - Kelvin

The company Kelvin ABT GmbH in Günzburg fitted an air conditioning system for cooling and heating in its office building as part of a renovation project. The particularly compact and quiet HKN 50 EC air conditioning units from Roller ensure pleasant room conditions while Roller's HL 050/3 heat pump evaporator functions as an evaporator or condenser for the reversible heat pump.

ApplicationBuilding air conditioning
AddressGünzburg / Germany
ProductHKN 50 EC

Greenhouse - HKN - Leipniz-Institut

In order to carry out plant research in greenhouses, defined and reproducible climatic conditions (cooling, heating, dehumidification) are essential. The air must be completely draught-free so that sensitive plants are not stressed or even damaged. The high humidity, fertilizers and pesticides mean that special corrosion protection measures are necessary. At the Leibniz Institute for Plant Genetics and Plant Research in Gatersleben, Roller's HKN air condition units were used in conjunction with pure copper fins and powder-coated drip pans.

AddressGatersleben / Germany
ProductHKN in greenhouse version

Passenger climate - HKN - Cooltherm

The Barefoot Boat by Til Schweiger is a joint project involving the actor and Danube shipping Wurm & Noé: when it comes to ensuring pleasant temperatures with a cooling and heating mode in the passenger rooms, the company Cooltherm relies on the just 122 mm deep HKN air conditioning units from Roller. In order to achieve particularly quiet operation in sound-sensitive areas such as the passenger cabins or the bar, these fan coils are equipped with very quiet fans with variable-speed EC drive technology. The condensate produced during cooling operation is collected by special, raised condensate trays in ship's design with two drains, which reliably drain off the water even when the ship sways.

AddressPassau / Germany
Product36 x HKN 50 EC (ship version)

Offshore-Converterstation - FHVI - BorWin

BorWin3 is the third offshore grid connection project off the coast of Borkum which brings ashore the wind power produced out at sea by two wind parks. For the offshore converter station manufactured in Dubai, Roller equipped the technical rooms with specially produced HVS/HVIS and FHV/FHVI air coolers. It also fitted HKN air conditioning units in the crew's communal areas.

ApplicationEnergy technology / Converter station
AddressNorth Sea / Germany
FluidWater / Glycol
ProductFHVI / FHV / HVS / HVIS / HKN


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