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Energy technology

During the generation of energy, waste heat is generated that has to be dissipated or reused. Efficient and robust heat exchanger systems are indispensable for fail-safe energy management. Heat exchangers can be manufactured by Roller in any individual design.
We will be happy to advise you on the design of your specific heat exchanger.

These air coolers are particularly suitable for use in the energy industry

Cubic air cooler/evaporator in flat modular design


Highly efficient air cooler series for all requirements in commercial refrigeration technology

Air cooler / Evaporator


Industrial air cooler for large cold stores and deep-freeze warehouses

Heatpump evaporator


Heat pump evaporator for outdoor installation

Air cooled Condenser


Compact condenser for commercial applications

Heat Exchanger


Series and customised heat exchangers for every application

Selected references in the energy industry

Offshore-Converterstation - FHVI - BorWin

BorWin3 is the third offshore grid connection project off the coast of Borkum which brings ashore the wind power produced out at sea by two wind parks. For the offshore converter station manufactured in Dubai, Roller equipped the technical rooms with specially produced HVS/HVIS and FHV/FHVI air coolers. It also fitted HKN air conditioning units in the crew's communal areas.

ApplicationEnergy technology / Converter station
AddressNorth Sea / Germany
FluidWater / Glycol
ProductFHVI / FHV / HVS / HVIS / HKN

Test chamber - HVIS - HLK Stuttgart

The company HLK Stuttgart offers a range of services including measurements and simulations for heating and air conditioning. It uses its own dual climate chamber to test residential ventilation equipment and heat pumps for example.
The outer chamber conditions the fresh air, while the inner chamber is responsible for the room conditions. The system which is operated with ethylene glycol provides an initial supply temperature of -25 °C for an air intake temperature down to -15 °C. HLK relies on the HVS and HVIS air coolers from Roller here.

ApplicationEnvironmental simulation
AddressStuttgart / Germany
Fluid55 % Etylene glycol
ProductHVIS752N + HVS407EC

Water samples - LK - PMC Markgröningen

The company PMC from Markgröningen/Germany builds special cooling units which run in independent water sample cabinets with 24 V batteries and without an external power supply. Because the water samples which are to be cooled can be corrosive, the special heat exchangers from Roller were produced with tin-coated copper tubes and Roller gold lacquer fins.

ApplicationEnvironmental simulation
AddressMarkgröningen /Germany
ProductLK 280/3/3/2,5


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