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Heat pump evaporators

Heat pump evaporators for outdoor installation


HFC | CO2 | Brine

  • Energy-efficient, quiet split evaporator for outdoor installation
  • Air-cooled heat pump evaporator with quiet EC fans
  • High-performance heat exchanger with maximum thermal output per m²
  • Development and production - made in Germany


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Highly efficient heat pump evaporator


With a thermal output of up to 30 kW, the highly efficient, high-performance heat pump evaporator is particularly suitable for use in renovated buildings or new office buildings. Installed outdoors, the WP evaporator takes the energy for the heat pump from the ambient air and impresses with its quiet operation and low operating costs.

Product benefits

Your advantages at WPV

Weather protection cover

on the air inlet and air outlet side as standard

Corrosion protection for heat exchanger

with tin-coated copper tubes and 2-component lacquered coating (optional)

EC fan technology

as standard for optimum energy efficiency in all sizes

High-performance tube systems

Aligned Roller high-performance tube systems with internally grooved tubes


All product advantages at a glance



  • Cooling capacity from 2.5 to 30 kW
  • Temperature range: -25°C – 50 °C 
  • Defrosting: electric, hot gas, brine, reverse circulation
  • Heat exchanger coil for an operating pressure of 25 bar/ 60 bar with high-pressure coolant
  • Very quiet, ERP-compliant EC fans
  • Horizontal airflow routing

Easy assembly

  • Compact housing dimensions requiring minimal space
  • Robust construction for torsion-free installation 
  • Different tube geometries allow the use of different coolants
  • Easy to connect with generously sized terminal box
  • Protective filling (dried air)

Inspection & cleaning

  • Side parts as protection against contact
  • Smooth fin surfaces prevent soiling and make cleaning easier
  • Thick fins (0.2 mm) for extra stability during cleaning
  • Durable, maintenance-free EC fans
  • High-quality, robust materials ensure reliability


Energy efficieny

  • EC fans with maximum energy efficiency for a high system efficiency
  • Infinitely adjustable air volume flow via external controller (0 - 10 V)
  • Low noise emissions thanks to optimized blade design
  • Separate air suction chambers for optimum flow through the heat exchanger (units with a number of fans)
  • High-performance heat exchanger with low internal volume and maximum power per m²
  • Optimized, aligned tube system with smooth fins ensures low pressure losses on the air side and high air flow
  • High-quality fans from German manufacturers

Corrosion protection

  • Housing made from corrosion-resistant aluminium and galvanized steel sheeting with impact-resistant, scratchproof powder coating
  • Powder-coated heat exchangers for different environmental conditions
  • Stainless steel housing (optional)
  • Corrosion protection variants at a glance!





Find suitable accessories for the WPV

Air inlet and air outlet hood

for optimum defrosting and protection against weather

Effective defrosting

Defrosting heating rod arrangement for effective heat distribution in heat-conductive aluminium tubes

Defrost safety thermostat

- switch contact opens at +25 °C and closes at +6 °C

Fluid heating coil

for supercooling the coolant and increasing energy efficiency

Protection grille

in front of the coil


Other accessories

  • Additional drip pan with drain nozzles for draining condensation in a targeted manner
  • Various types of heat exchanger corrosion protection for use in aggressive environments
  • Tube circuitry adapted to the relevant area of use
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Repair switch/motor protection switch
  • Heat exchanger for brine mode and CO2


Office air conditioning- WPV - Kelvin

The company Kelvin ABT GmbH in Günzburg fitted an air conditioning system for cooling and heating in its office building as part of a renovation project. The particularly compact and quiet HKN 50 EC air conditioning units from Roller ensure pleasant room conditions while Roller's HL 050/3 heat pump evaporator functions as an evaporator or condenser for the reversible heat pump.

ApplicationBuilding air conditioning
AddressGünzburg / Germany
ProductWPV / HKN

Product documentation

Technical data

All important technical data at a glance

Product name WPV  
Capacity range 2,5 to 30 kW  
Temperature range -25 to +50°C  
Tubes Internally grooved  
Tube system 35 mm aligned  
Number of fans 1 - 3  
Fan type EC / Suction / IP44  
Fan size 506 mm  
Fin spacing 4 mm  
Energy effizcieny class A+ to B  


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