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Fast replacement for any heat exchanger

When repairs reach their limits and it simply has to be future-proof!


  • Heat exchanger leaking?
  • Frost damage?
  • Corrosion?
  • Thermal overload?



We rebuild your heat exchanger 1:1


In many sectors, such as the food industry, energy industry, logistics, mechanical engineering or building services engineering, cooling is always system-relevant and critical for the quality of processes and thus the final products. The reliability of the heat exchangers in terms of fail-safety, hygiene and energy efficiency is the focus here. With the range of different applications, heat exchangers are exposed to a variety of demanding environmental conditions that can affect their lifetime.
If your heat exchanger is defective, regardless of the brand, Roller, as a manufacturer of high-quality heat exchangers, will be happy to assist you with consultancy and rebuilding. It is important to us to analyse the cause of the defect and to provide you with a more resistant replica with a long service life.
This page gives you an insight into the performance of the 1:1 replica of your high-quality heat exchanger.

Good reasons to think about replacing your heat exchanger

Advantages of preventive replacement

For the sake of the environment

  • Extending the service life of your entire plant
  • Ensure future-proof operation of the plant
  • Ensure energy efficiency requirements
  • Increase reliability
  • Prevent leakage due to corrosion
  • Savings through adaptation to changed plant parameters
  • Contribution to climate protection through energy-efficient operation

Quick availability

  • Short delivery time, for minimum restriction of operating procedures
  • Large selection of standardised heat exchangers for common cooling cabinets
  • Manufacturer-independent reproduction also in batch size 1
  • Identical dimensions eliminate the need for conversion work on the tubing
  • Competent consultancy in the event of changes to system parameters (refrigerant, refrigerated goods,...)
  • On-site measurement on request

Corrosion protection

  • Advice on ideal corrosion protection
  • Wide range of corrosion protection options
  • Various fin materials
  • Tinned tube over the entire length for increased reliability against corrosion

Highest material quality

  • Use of high-quality copper tubing primarily from German manufacturers
  • Heat exchanger coil for an operating pressure of 16 bar / 80 bar with high-pressure refrigerants (CO2/ R744)
  • Core tubes in copper CuDHP with thick walls
  • Possible fin spacings: 2.0 / 2.5 / 3 / 4 / 4.5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 10 / 12 mm (others on request)
  • Core tube with smooth or grooved inner surfaces

Quality and pressure checks

  • Production in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU
  • Pressure checks on units with water/brine: 18 bar overpressure
  • Pressure checks on units with coolant: 27.5 bar overpressure
  • Pressure checks on units with high-pressure refrigerants: < 27.5 – 115 bar overpressure
  • All units are subject to an exacting outgoing quality check
  • Special checks when flammable coolants are used





    We produce 100% Made in Germany


    • Use of the highest quality materials from primarily German brand manufacturers
    • Robust products with maximum energy efficiency and durability
    • Fast processing times for shortest delivery times
    • Quality manufacturer with unusual flexibility
    • Reliable spare parts supply at short notice
    • 75 years of strong relationships with our customers

    Which heat exchangers do we rebuild for you?

    These design types are available to you

    Static furniture air cooler

    Wide range of applications, e.g. in meat and sausage cabinets with fan-guided air circulation or free cooling

    Commercial cabinet evaporator

    Used e.g. in catering refrigeration units and cabinets in various design variants with refrigerant, water or brine

    Evaporator / Air cooler

    Various designs to be used in a wide range of cooling and air conditioning scenarios with almost all refrigerants

    Condensers / Air heaters

    In all installation variants for heating or ventilation purposes, where heat is to be dissipated to the ambient air by refrigerants, hot water or brines.

    Closed-loop recycling system

    Highly efficient, interconnected supply and exhaust air heat exchangers for efficiencies of up to 80% with very low air-side pressure losses - TÜV type-tested

    Multi-circuit heat exchangers

    are designed so that the circuits are arranged in intermeshing or parallel form in a heat exchanger coil. They are very popular where space is limited or as a redundancy solution

    Specially designed heat exchangers

    or customer-specific applications (e.g. three-sided, four-sided, round/cylindrical)

    These types of corrosion protection provide optimum protection for your heat exchanger!

    Corrosion-resistant aluminium and AlMg3 fins

    These fins can be used in the long term with slightly aggressive ambient air

    2-component lacquer

    Offers excellent protection against aggressive atmospheres with uniform coating of the entire block ( fin, tubes and end plates)

    Fin material

    Here, a vinyl-based epoxy coating against slightly aggressive substances and the hydrophilic fin for protection in humid atmospheres are available.

    Tin-coated copper tubing

    has an additional layer of tin and offers extra protection against corrosion of the copper core tube

    What do we need from you for the replica?

    Make configuration easy

    According to specification

    The unit has already been built by Roller and you have the order number or a serial number. If not, we will define the new heat exchanger based on the requirements of your application.

    According to sample

    Is it a third-party brand or a Roller order number is no longer available? You are welcome to provide us with your custom sample.

    According to drawing

    Please feel free to provide us with old technical drawings. If there are no longer any available, please use the measurement guide to specify the reconstruction. Please also enclose photos of the old unit.


    Replica - LE - V-shape Re-cooler

    Our customer of this heat exchanger needed a short-term replacement of his V-shaped recooler. In his system, this sprayed recooler, consisting of two registers arranged in mirror image, had become leaky due to corrosion and was to be replaced exactly as it had been. Thus, a replica with hydraulic branching/distribution of the media flow and hydrophilic coated fins, which allows the water of the wetted heat exchanger to flow off more easily, was created in the closest possible match to the sample supplied.

    The original sample provided to us is available to us as a technical specification in terms of dimensions, pipe geometry, etc. and is usually returned to the customer with the replica unit as proof in a sturdy wooden box. Often there are still various add-on parts on the samples, which may be reused on site.

    ApplicationAir conditioning
    AddressGermany / Ingelheim on the Rhine
    ProductLE - Special design

    Replica - LE/LK - Air handling unit

    Cut or in one piece? The task was quite clear: in the several-year old air-handling unit, the original heat exchangers were leaking due to corrosion and had to be replaced. However, the corridor next to the ventilation system is so narrow that a 1:1 replacement is impossible. So, what to do? The old heat exchangers can only be sawn up and taken out piece by piece. The solution for the new heat exchangers is to insert exact-fit heat exchanger modules that are piped in the AHU and hydraulically connected.

    ApplicationBuilding technology
    ProductLE / LK

    Replica - LE / LK - Food process cooling

    For a chocolate producer from Rhineland-Palatinate, an existing heat exchanger for a cooling tunnel was rebuilt 1:1 and replaced. The required cooling capacity of 77kW with limited space conditions of 1.7 sqm inflow area led to this cubic direct evaporator with 20 (!!!) pipe rows in depth. With a 50x50 aligned pipe system, the pressure loss is kept as low as possible with a volume flow of 13,000m²/h.

    Fail-safety is ensured by the split in two interlocked R407C refrigeration circuits, which operate redundantly to each other.

    ApplicationFood process cooling
    AddressGermany / Rhineland-Palatinate
    ProductLE / LK

    Replica - LE / LK - Solvent resistant

    The heat exchanger provided to us as a sample for reproduction was used to condensate solvents contained in the air flow. However, the material used did not withstand the aggressive solvents. The Roller rebuild of the evaporator coil was remedied by a version made entirely of copper (corrosion protection variant E), in conjunction with a solder with a very high silver content.

    ApplicationProcess cooling
    ProductLE / LK


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