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Selection-Software for fan coils for cooling and heating


The popular Roller software is

free to download here.

  • No time consuming registration
  • No annoying password
  • Countless possibilities


These features you can expect


  • 9 languages to select from
  • Live update function
  • Easy installation on central Windows server
  • Choice of numerous accessories
  • Extensive corrosion protection variants selectable
  • Free download from website, without registration and password






Complete documentation for the selected unit

  • Technical data sheet
  • Dimensional drawings
  • Product brochures
  • Prices
  • Delivery time request


Simple operation

  • Selectable units of measures and currencies
  • Selection according to application limits
  • Editable data sheets
  • Tabular output of performance data (on request)

      Support for the software installation of the Roller selection programme

      During installation, you need to pay attention to the resolution settings. This document will help you to make the correct settings.



      Software update change history

      Version 8.0.4, available from 05.09.2023:

      • HKNW and HKNW EC air conditioners added
      • Evaporator linked to Roller EasySelect
      • A2L/A3 evaporator linked to Roller EasySelect


      Version 8.0.3, available from 01.06.2023:

      • Design of CO2 air coolers deactivated (link to Roller EasySelect)


      Version 8.0.2, available from 15.08.2022:

      • FHV COI 1201-1216 Adjustment of tube volume
      • Optimizations for faster calculation


      Version 8.0.1, available from 01.07.2022:

      • Update prices "July 2022"
      • Design of brine air coolers deactivated (link to Roller EasySelect)
      • Design of the counter air coolers (UT/FK deactivated (link to Roller EasySelect)


      Version 7.9.9, available from 16.05.2022:

      • Addition of capacity calculation for COI air coolers
      • Update of the brine selection programme
      • Various optimisations for faster calculation

      Version 7.9.8, available from 01.04.2022:

      • Addition of air cooler FKN/T ...ECDS in the version with a quiet diagonal EC fan.
      • Addition of new sizes (x41 - x63) of the FHV/T air cooler with extended modularity in depth (replaces the x21 - x23 series)
      • Deactivation of FHV/T x21 - x23 air cooler series
      • Extension of FHV/T...COI air cooler series with 12 mm fin spacing
      • Linking catalogue/product descriptions to the Walter Roller website
      • Addition to data sheets with information on the second speed for the units concerned
      • Addition of stainless steel housing option for the special air cooler SV
      • Updating of brine selection programme
      • Deactivation of air cooler DLK/T ... COG for operation at 60bar. The DLK ...COI remains available for operation up to 80bar.
      • Various optimisations for faster calculation









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