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Air coolers / Evaporators

Proven high-performance ceiling air coolers for demanding applications


HFC | Water | Brine

  • Cubic air cooler for demanding cooling and deep freezing requirements
  • Particularly suitable for unpackaged goods stored for long periods of time in environments with a high air humidity
  • Low moisture loss thanks to Roller's highly efficient aligned tube system
  • Compact design specially for use in narrow aisles
  • High efficiency thanks to EC fan technology as standard and an effective defrosting system


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Reliable, proven air coolers


Thanks to its compact design, this highly efficient air cooler is particularly suitable for commercial and industrial cold stores and low-temperature storage rooms with narrow aisles.
With its high air flow volume and optional air streamer, even very long shelving aisles can be uniformly cooled.

Product benefits

Your advantages at HVS/HVST

Strong fins thickness

Thick fins allow cleaning with a high-pressure cleaner


for energy-efficient operation as standard

Double drip pan construction

to avoid condensation

Swivelling fans

for better access allow more thorough cleaning of the heat exchanger (optional)

Corrosion protection

Various types of heat exchanger corrosion protection for use in aggressive environments

All corrosion protection variants at a glance!

High-performance tube systems:

Aligned Roller high-performance tube systems with internally grooved tubes (HVS/T___EP)

Easily retrofittable heating rods:

MS heating rods for coil defrosting (tR >0 °C)


All product advantages at a glance


  • Cooling capacity from 0.5 to 25 kW
  • Temperature range: HVS: 0 – 50 °C / HVIST: -35 – 20 °C
  • Fin spacings 4.5 / 7 / 10 / 12 mm 
  • Defrosting: electric (HVST), optional: Brine, hot gas, water sprinklers, splash plates
  • Operating pressure up to 25 bar

Easy assembly

  • Easy access via side doors, completely removable
  • Stainless steel hanging rails
  • Connections with threaded nipple, ventilation and drain valve (water or brine mode)
  • Drain heating can easily be retrofitted
  • Defrost heating wired to external terminal boxes on the side (HVST)

Inspection and cleaning

  • Double insulated drip pan prevents condensation forming on the underside of the tray (optional)
  • Removable side doors
  • Aligned tube pattern and fin spacings of up to 12 mm for easy cleaning
  • Constructive properties geared to the HACCP concept
  • Baffle plate to prevent condensation forming on the housing
  • Thick fins (0.3 mm) for extra stability during cleaning

Airflow routing

  • Increased air throw thanks to textile connection with integrated rectifier
  • Special fans with particularly high external pressure (option)
  • Fully adjustable EC fans
  • Textile hose adapter for textile hose application

Energy efficiency

  • Highly efficient heat exchanger with aligned tube system for delicate applications
  • EC fans for energy-efficient operation as standard (not XX4 - XX6)
  • Large heat exchanger surfaces for reduced moisture loss and defrosting
  • Adjustment of the air volume flow according to the cooling load via external controller (0 - 10 V or Modbus signal with EC fans)
  • Defrost damper and defrost hood (accessories) for efficient defrosting
  • ERP compliant fans
  • Air cooler energy efficiency class up to top mark "A" 


  • Corrosion-resistant aluminium housing with scratchproof powder coating
  • Corrosion protection for the heat exchanger and housing to withstand a range of environmental conditions
  • Stainless steel housing (optional)
  • Copper fin
  • All corrosion protection variants at a glance


  • Heating rods in the coil for reliable defrosting, in aluminium housing to prevent vapours
  • Textile defrost damper to isolate the air cooler on the pressure side during defrosting (accessory)
  • HVST defrost safety thermostat (accessory)
  • Frame heating for electrically heating the fan ring and to avoid ice bridges during defrosting (accessory)
  • Defrost hood uses the positive trapped heat which ideally remains in the air cooler during defrosting
  • Defrosting using brine circuit


Find suitable accessories for the HVS / HVST

Defrost hood:

Less warming of the room owing to defrost heat, optimized defrosting process

Swivelling fans:

For easy, thorough cleaning of the heat exchanger


The streamer increases the air throw in longer cold rooms

Defrost Damper

30% energy efficiency increase during the defrosting process by closing the switched-off fans

Fan-frame heater

Frame heating for electrically heating the fan ring and to avoid ice bridges during defrosting

Installation brackets

for wall mounting

Further accessories

  • MS heating rods for coil defrosting tR >0 °C - can be retrofitted
  • Defrost safety thermostat 
  • Auxiliary heating for condensation drain
  • Textile hose connection for the straightforward installation of textile hoses for uniform air distribution without draughts
  • Insulated drip pan prevents condensation forming on the outer side



In many sectors, such as the food industry, the energy sector, logistics, mechanical engineering or building services, cooling is always system-relevant and decisive for the quality of processes and thus of products. As a manufacturer of high-quality components for refrigeration and air-conditioning technology, we know:

The credibility of the performance data of the machines used is a decisive aspect in ensuring your quality requirements.

That is why we have the performance data of our products certified by independent laboratories as part of the Eurovent programme. Eurovent is an independent organisation that ensures that the equipment of the participating companies is tested under the same conditions and is therefore more comparable.



Event gastronomy - HVS - Taggenbrunn

The Taggenbrunn hotel requires reliable food cooling systems for its exclusive guest receptions and concerts. High-quality food and drinks and especially the wine collection must be cooled to the right temperature. The attractive air coolers from Roller fit in ideally in the castle architecture. The air coolers were delivered to the wholesaler Schiessl in Pörtschach straight from the factory.

AddressTaggenbrunn / Austria

Fish processing - HVST - Lauenroth Fischfeinkost

In fish processing and storage, the salt content of the ambient air places particularly high demands on the evaporators when it comes to hygiene, corrosion protection and defrosting. Stainless steel units are therefore used for direct work processing. For the cooling of the packaged goods in this fish delicatessen manufacture, special attention was paid to an efficient and stable high air flow.

ApplicationFish processing
AddressLüdersdorf / Germany

Deep-freeze warehouse - HVST - Medical technology

Medical products are delicate goods which need to be stored at a stable temperature. For this low-temperature storage room at a biotech company with a temperature of -35 °C, efficient defrosting was required too. The HVST evaporator from Roller was designed with an aligned tube system, optimum heating rod placement, a large fin spacing and a defrost damper for optimum defrosting.  

ApplicationDeep-freeze warehouse
AddressBergisch Gladbach / Germany
ProductHVST 1008 EC EP

Packaged goods - HVST - Klüvers

The cooling of packaged goods in large cold rooms is often a matter of evenly applying cold to the goods at every point in the room. The air performance must be correspondingly high. Küvers uses HVST type Roller evaporators with powerful EC fans. The condensers are Roller KVNs with gold lacquer fins, which serve as corrosion protection against the salty sea air.

ApplicationPackaged goods
AddressNiendorf / Deutschland
ProductHVST / KVN

Product documentation

Technical data

All important technical data at a glance

Product name HVS...ES HVS..EP HVST...ES HVST..EP  
Capacity range 0,5 - 19 kW 0,7 - 25 kW 0,5 - 19 kW 0,7 - 25 kW  
Temperature range 0 - 50°C 0 - 50°C -35 to +20°C -35 to +20°C  
Defrost heater Without Without Block and drip tray Block and drip tray  
Tubes Plain tube Internally grooved Plain tube Internally grooved  
Tube system Alligned Alligned Alligned Alligned  
Number of fans 1 - 2 1 - 2 1 - 2 1 - 2  
Fan typ EC, AC / suction / IP 54 EC, AC / suction / IP 54 EC, AC / suction / IP 54 EC, AC / suction / IP 54  
Fan size 300 / 400 / 450 /500 mm 300 / 400 / 450 /500 mm 300 / 400 / 450 /500 mm 300 / 400 / 450 /500 mm  
Fin spacing 4,5 / 7 / 10 / 12 mm 4,5 / 7 / 10 / 12 mm 4,5 / 7 / 10 / 12 mm 4,5 / 7 / 10 / 12 mm  
Energy efficiency class B to E B to E A to D A to D  


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