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The popular Roller software is

free to download here.

- No time consuming registration
- No annoying password
- Countless possibilities



These features you can expect


  • 7400 unit variants for a precise configuration to match your application
  • 34 different F-Gas compliant refrigerants/fluids to choose from
  • New: Selection of air coolers for flammable media A2L and A3
  • 9 languages to select from
  • Eurovent-compliant performance data
  • Live update function
  • Easy installation on central Windows server
  • Choice of numerous accessories
  • Extensive corrosion protection variants selectable
  • Free download from website, without registration and password






Complete documentation for the selected unit

  • Technical data sheet
  • Dimensional drawings
  • Product brochures
  • Prices
  • Delivery time request

34 refrigerants/fluids selectable

  • 13 HFC
  • CO2
  • 16 brines
  • 4 flammable refrigerants (e.g. A2L / A3)
  • New: refrigerant R515B

Simple operation

  • Selectable units of measures and currencies
  • Selection according to application limits
  • Editable data sheets
  • Tabular output of performance data (on request)