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Evaporator with built-in EXV and

EVD-ice superheat controller


  • Factory pre-configured and installed refrigeration controller
  • No risk of selecting the wrong valve for any refrigerant
  • Maximum energy efficiency due to optimum superheat control
  • Quick and easy start-up on site



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Pre-assembled E-valve with superheat control

for a quick start-up


Selecting, installing and parameterising a suitable expansion valve for a refrigeration system is a challenge that costs a lot of time and money in consideration of the different system parameters. Roller offers you a pre-installed, electronic expansion valve with superheat control for commercial refrigeration evaporators, regardless of the refrigerant used. And that for 40 pre-parameterised refrigerants, incl. CO2!
This means that you can rely on the correct selection of an energy-efficient control system. In addition, the control is already installed in the unit on delivery. You don't need to worry about placement or leak testing and can quickly put your system into operation.


Simple selected - Reliably pre-assembled - Fast start-up - Energy-efficient in operation!



All product advantages at a glance

Increased energy efficiency through

  • Precise control of the refrigerant flow
  • Reduced compressor running times
  • Sliding suction pressures
  • Minimum room temperature differences
  • Short defrosting times due to reduced ice formation
  • Stable operation even under deep-freeze conditions

Delivery scope

  • Carel E2V expansion valve
  • EVD-ice superheat controller
  • Pressure sensor
  • Ultracap module (optional)

Application range

  • Operating conditions: -30°C to 40°C
  • IP65 protection class due to fully encapsulated housing of EDV-ice and Ultracap
  • Integration into a monitoring system

Simple and quick start-up on site

  • Pre-assembled controller, valve and sensors ex works
  • Ready-to-use presetting of the control according to the unit size, evaporator capacity and refrigerant
  • Completely prewired at the factory
  • Fast start-up with only three parameter settings on site (type of refrigerant, operating mode of the cold room, desired superheat)
  • RS485 interface for monitoring (Modbus protocol) to monitor operating conditions (real-time operating conditions, alarms, messages)
  • Pressure and leak test of the control components together with the evaporator are already done in the factory
  • Power supply: 230V

Pre-parameterised for 40 refrigerants

  • Among others for the following refrigerants:
  • R134a, R404A, R407A, R407C, R407F
  • R449, R452A, R513A
  • R744 (CO2)
  • Free, variable space for future refrigerants


of the EVD-ice at a glance

EVD-ice superheat controller

controls the E2V valve according to the detected superheat

Carel E2V Expansions valve

Stepping motor driven EXV for stable superheat control

Pressure sensor

detects the current evaporation pressure

Ultracap Modul

closes the E2V valve as soon as the power supply to the EVD ice fails. (Optional)

Factory assembled, wired and tested !

The Carel control components installed at the factory are perfectly matched to the evaporator capacity. The refrigeration components have passed extensive tests, are factory assembled, welded in and tested, and the electrical components are completely pre-wired. The installation time for connection to the refrigeration system is considerably reduced, as only the liquid and suction lines need to be connected and a simple electrical connection needs to be done. An additional liquid magnetic valve is not required. The optional Ultracap module allows the electronic E-valve to close completely when the unit is stopped, thus preventing refrigerant shifting in the system.

Fast start-up

Due to the pre-assembled control, the installation time for the refrigeration system of the unit is significantly reduced. Only the liquid and suction lines need to be connected and a simple electrical connection made.
On the control side, only three parameters need to be set on site before start-up: the refrigerant used, the operating mode (cold room) and the desired superheat. Done!
The EVD-ice can also be integrated into a monitoring system via an RS485 interface and reports operating states and, if necessary, alarms.


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