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New copper tube bending machine in the Roller machine park

The continuing high demand for high-quality heat exchangers and air coolers has prompted Walter Roller GmbH to invest further in the efficiency of its production capacity.


In copper-aluminum heat exchangers, horizontally running copper core tubes are usually installed. For production/cost reasons and for fewer welding joints in the sense of hermetization, long U-shaped 180° bends, so-called hairpins, are used for this purpose. Above a certain length, the production of the U-bends is only possible with larger, significantly longer machines.

In order to be able to use the advantage of the U-bends also for longer heat exchangers, a large investment was made in another modern hairpin bending machine. This enables the precise production of the copper core tubes for the various Roller tube systems.

The main focus is the copper tube with 3/8" inch core tube diameter (9.52mm) which is used, among other things, with an internally finned surface for direct evaporation. Due to the reduced tube diameter, smaller tube volumes result, and lower refrigerant charges are required.

For the refrigerant CO2, heat exchangers for an operating pressure of up to 80 bar are possible. The new machine offers high capacity and the necessary flexibility for these contemporary solutions.