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Ceiling air cooler / Evaporator

Dual side discharge ceiling air cooler for chilled and deep-freeze storages, logistics and order picking


HFC | CO2 |  Water | Brine

  • Low dehumidification of goods due to large surfaces and highly efficient tube system
  • Generous inspection openings for cleaning and hygienic operation
  • Pressure-stable AxiEco Diagonal EC fans hinged as standard
  • Mounting flush with ceiling for optimal hygiene and max. room height utilization

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Maximum flexibility guaranteed

Thanks to its high flexibility, the new ceiling-mounted fan air cooler is the perfect unit for use in workspaces with long staff stays and in cold room and deep-freeze logistics. The DHNI utilizes an AxiEco Diagonal EC fan for energy efficient and pressure stable operation and can also be used with CO2 up to 80 bar operating pressure. The unit offers large side spaces via swiveling covers and reversible drip trays for structurally optimal piping of the condensate line.

Product benefits

Your advantages at DHNI

AxiEco EC-fans

Pressure-stable AxiEco Diagonal EC fans hinged as standard

Air intake from below

for logistics, storage and freezer rooms

Air intake from above

Version for air intake from above for commissioning and working rooms (optional)

Dehumidification mode

by downstream electric heating rods (option)

Large inspection openings

with swivel-mounted fans and hinged drip trays

Strongly dimensioned fins

for cleaning work with high pressure cleaner

Flush ceiling mounting

for maximum hygiene and maximum room height utilisation

Scratchproof powder-coated finish

Fully aluminium housing, scratchproof powder-coated finish


All product advantages at a glance


  • Cooling capacity from 10 to 45 kW
  • Temperature range: DHNI: 0 – 50 °C / DHNIT: -45 – 45 ̊C
  • Fin spacings 4 / 7  mm / (Optional 12 mm at CO2)
  • Defrosting: electric, optional: Brine, hot gas
  • Heat exchanger coil for an operating pressure of 25 bar/ 80 bar with CO2
  • Very quiet AxiEco Diagonal EC-fans

Heat exchanger

  • Proven aligned Roller pipe system with large surfaces
  • CO2 evaporator block with PS 80 bar
  • Thick fins (0.3 mm) for extra stability

Energy efficiency

  • AxiEco EC fans with maximum energy efficiency for a high system efficiency
  • Adjustment of the air volume flow according to the cooling load via external controller (0 - 10 V)
  • Multi-fan units with intermediate plates (fan chambers) for optimum flow through the heat exchanger
  • Optimised, aligned pipe system with smooth fins ensures low air-side pressure drop and high air flow rate

Inspection and cleaning

  • Removable hinged drip pan for cleaning and servicing work
  • Side doors can easily be swiveled
  • Design geared to the HACCP concept (easy access to the entire unit for cleaning and maintenance work)
  • Heat exchanger can be cleaned from three sides

Easy assembly

  • Generously sized spaces at the sides of the unit for easy access via side doors, removable
  • Drip tray for cleaning and servicing work hinged on both sides and easily removable
  • Connections with threaded nipple, ventilation and drain valve (water or brine mode)
  • Both evaporator coils are brought together on a shared inlet and outlet tube
  • Ceiling flush stainless steel suspension

      Corrosion protection

      • Corrosion-resistant aluminium housing with scratchproof powder coating
      • Corrosion protection for the heat exchanger and housing to withstand a range of environmental conditions
      • Stainless steel ceiling mounting integrated into the unit
      • All corrosion protection variants at a glance


      • Large heat exchanger surfaces remove less moisture from the air and thus reduce the need for defrosting
      • Defrost safety thermostat interrupts electric defrosting if the defrost control system (accessory) malfunctions
      • Defrosting by Brine, hot gas and electric heating





      Find suitable accessories for the DHNI


      Electronic e-valve and superheat controller for efficient, safe operation and quick commissioning (optional)

      Corrosion protection

      Various types of heat exchanger corrosion protection for use in aggressive environments

      Defrost safety thermostat

      Switch contact opens at +25 °C and closes at +6 °C

      Heating rods:

      zur Blockabtauung (tR >0°C) (IP66) mit einfacher Nachrüstmöglichkeit

      Additional accessories

      • Air conditioning heating
      • Insulated drip tray
      • Poti for stepless regulation of the fans

      Technical data

      All important technical data at a glance

      Product name DHNI DHNIT
      Capacity range 10 - 45 kW 10 - 45 kW
      Temperature range 0 °C to 50°C -40 °C to 50°C
      Defrost heater Without E-heating
      Tubes Internally grooved Internally grooved
      Tube system Aligned Aligned
      Number of fans 1 - 3 1 - 3
      Fan type EC / pressing / IP 55 EC / pressing / IP 55
      Fan size 450 mm 450 mm
      Fin spacing 4 / 7 mm / 12 mm at CO2 4 / 7 mm / 12 mm at CO2
      Energy efficiency class A+ to B A+ to B


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