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New dual-discharge ceiling air cooler for energy-efficient and pressure-stable operation from Roller

With the DHNI series, Roller offers a completely newly developed dual-discharge ceiling air cooler for industrial applications, which equally meets the requirements of refrigeration and deep-freeze logistics as well as workspaces with longer personnel stay times.

The new development was also taken as an opportunity to contribute to the increasing energy efficiency requirements of refrigeration systems. An optimized heat exchanger and the highly efficient fan system play a key role here. The DHNI is equipped with the latest EC fan technology, the AxiEco from ebm-papst.

The AxiEco offers a pronounced pressure stability (frost formation) with a high energy efficiency at the same time. The EC drive motor can be speed-controlled depending on capacity and ensures low-noise operation. In deep-freeze operation, the state-of-the-art fan impeller is unlikely to freeze up in the event of ice formation, and the risk of icing of the air intake grille is also minimized due to the flow technology.

For direct evaporation, versions for HFC refrigerant and for CO2 (PS 80 bar) are available, as well as further variants for coolant (brine) operation.

Very good accessibility for installation, service and cleaning work is achieved via generous inspection openings, swivelling fan units and hinged drip trays. An air-conditioning heater for reheating for demanding air conditioning and other options round off the DHNI/DHNIT.

In rooms with commissioning activities, the air cooler is available in the version with air intake from above for even lower air draft operation. For deep-freeze applications, the units are offered in the T-design with electric defrosting systems in block and tray.

The DHNI ceiling air cooler is available in a capacity range up to 10 to 45kW cooling capacity and is equipped with 1 to 3 high efficiency EC fans as standard.