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Air cooler / Evaporator

Flat ceiling air coolers for demanding applications


HFC, A2L/A3  |  CO2  |  Water, Brine

  • Compact ceiling air cooler for cold and low-temperature storage rooms
  • Robust design ensures durability and low maintenance requirements
  • Low moisture loss in goods thanks to large surfaces and a highly efficient tube system
  • EC fans for energy-efficient operation (up to top mark A)
  • Efficient defrosting system for reliable cooling
  • Easy cleaning in accordance with hygiene requirements


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Top class ceiling air cooler

With its flat, robust design, the DLK is suitable for all cold rooms with special requirements. These can include the frequent movement of people, aggressive particles owing to a wide range of goods or changing purposes. With uniform air distribution, it ensures a stable room temperature and meets the strictest hygiene requirements owing to its corrosion resistance.

Two design lines for even more flexibility!

Since June 2023, the DLK Next will offer you even more features!

The new DLK Next with increased versatility

The DLK Next features an easy-to-install housing with particularly generously dimensioned cut-out options for high flexibility, as well as stainless steel suspension brackets for mounting flush with the ceiling.


  • Wide range of housing openings for all installation variants
  • Flush ceiling suspensions made of stainless steel (instead of mounting rails)
  • High-efficiency two-stage EC fans as standard
  • Fans with speed control optionally available
  • High flexibility due to block variants with 4 / 6 RR in depth
  • Tube system with low tube volume for use with CO2 up to PS 80bar

The proven DLK flatline in a particularly flat design

The DLK flatline is suitable for all cold rooms that are subject to special requirements due to its flat and robust design.


  • Particularly flat design (only 246mm)
  • Two-stage controllable EC fans (standard)
  • Load-dependent multi-stage controllable via ESM module
  • Variable speed control via optional plug-on module possible
  • Flat stainless steel suspension rails
  • Wall-mounting by means of additional drip tray (option)

Simplified performance comparison of the DLK family

The DLK Next replaces the previous larger and more powerful EurolinePlus version and is the ideal complement to the existing DLK-flatline.

The tables provided here offer you an exemplary overview for the performance-side counterparts of the series. Listed are the series for HFC and CO2 refrigerants with different fin spacing.

However, you can obtain an optimum design for your project via the Roller EasySelect selection program.

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Product benefits

Your advantages at DLK/DLKT

Heat exchanger with thick fins

for cleaning with a high-pressure cleaner

Fully aluminium housing,

scratchproof powder-coated finish

Double drip pan construction

to avoid condensation

EC fan technology

as standard for optimum energy efficiency in all sizes

Corrosion protection

Various types of heat exchanger corrosion protection for use in aggressive environments

High-performance tube systems

Aligned Roller high-performance tube systems with internally grooved tubes

Dehumidification mode

with downstream electric heating rods as thermal heating (option)

Wall design

with additional drip pan for DLK flatline and from now on as well for DLK Next

CO2 freezer applications with large ripening surface

  • Fewer defrost cycles for more energy efficient operation
  • 12mm fin spacing with 9.52mm tube diameter
  • 0.3 mm thick fin withstands even increased mechanical loads


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All product advantages at a glance


  • Cooling capacity from 0.5 to 9 kW
  • Temperature range: DLK: 0 – 40 °C / DLKT: -35 – 50 °C
  • Fin spacings 4 / 6 / 7 mm
  • Defrosting: electric, optional: Brine, hot gas
  • Operating pressure up to 25 bar/ 60 / 80 bar with CO2

Easy assembly

  • Generously sized spaces at the sides of the unit for easy access via side doors, removable
  • Hinged drip pan for cleaning and servicing work
  • Flat hanging rails made from rustproof CrNi steel
  • Connections with threaded nipple, ventilation and drain valve (water or brine mode)
  • Drain heating can easily be retrofitted/replaced
  • Heating rods and fans wired to terminal box
  • Wall mounting thanks to additional drip pan (option)

Inspection and cleaning

  • Double pan construction to avoid condensation
  • Side doors can easily be removed
  • Aligned tube pattern and fin spacings of up to 12 mm for easy cleaning
  • Large-radius housing corners and drip pan for easier cleaning
  • Heat exchanger can be cleaned from three sides
  • Thick fins (0.3 mm) for extra stability during cleaning
  • Hinged / removable fan plate with drip tray for easy installation and cleaning of the unit

Energy efficiency

  • Optimized aligned tube system with smooth fins ensures low pressure losses on the air side and high air flow
  • EC fans for energy-efficient operation as standard
  • Adjustment of the air volume flow according to the cooling load via external controller (0 - 10 V)
  • Air cooler energy efficiency class up to top mark  "A"
  • Multi-fan units with intermediate plates for optimum flow through the heat exchanger

Corrosion protection

  • Corrosion-resistant aluminium housing with scratchproof powder coating
  • Corrosion protection for the heat exchanger and housing to withstand a range of environmental conditions
  • Stainless steel housing (optional)
  • All corrosion protection variants at a glance


  • Heating rods in the coil for reliable defrosting, in aluminium housing to prevent vapours
  • Defrost safety thermostat interrupts electric defrosting if the defrost control system (accessory) malfunctions
  • Large heat exchanger surfaces remove less moisture from the air and thus reduce the need for defrosting
  • Defrosting using brine circuit
  • MS heating rods (coil) for retrofitting at room temperatures above 0 °C


Find suitable accessories for the DLK / DLKT

Stainless steel design

for outstanding corrosion protection in aggressive atmospheres

Easily retrofittable:

MS heating rods for coil defrosting (tR  > 0 °C) (IP66)


Electronic e-valve and superheat controller for efficient, safe operation and quick commissioning

Auxiliary heating

for condensation drain

Additional drip pan

for wall mounting (DLK flatline)

EC plug-on module:

Stepless speed control from 50-100% (0-10V) by using a plug-on module


against contact for thermal heating

Other accessories

  • Corrosion protection for heat exchanger with tin-coated Cu tubes and 2-C lacquered coating
  • Defrost safety thermostat - switch contact opens at +25 °C and closes at +6 °C


Supermarket cooling - DLK - Migros Swiss

Wherever cold rooms with different goods have to be cooled, the extremely resistant DLK evaporator is used. Biaggini likes to use the DLK because of its thick fins and high corrosion resistance, as here in Migros supermarkets.

ApplicationSupermarket cooling
AddressZürich / Swiss

Reconstruction large kitchen - DLK - Schlittenhardt

Schlittenhardt's task was to upgrade all of its customer's cooling equipment  while its large kitchen was still operating. When modernizing the five cold stores, Schlittenhardt opted for various products including DLK evaporator units from Roller. To ensure reliable operation, the units which were previously used inside were installed on the canopy and the very latest control systems were used.

ApplicationGastronomy refrigeration
AddressKarlsbad / Germany

Petrol station cooling - DLK - CR Kälte-und Klimatechnik

The company CR Kälte-und Klimatechnik installed a combination cold room with normal and intensive cooling at the Bavaria Petrol filling station in Munich. With this so-called walk-in cold room, the goods are placed on the shelves from behind and customers have access to them via the glass doors.

ApplicationPetrol station cooling
AddressMunich / Germany

Wine cooling - DLK - Mifrio

In a cold room where wine is stored, a constant temperature is required in order to slow down the ageing process of the wine in the bottle. Stable air humidity is also important to prevent mould in the rooms and on the corks. The compact DLK air cooler is ideal for wine cellars of all sizes.

ApplicationBeverage cooling
AddressFöhren / Germany

Product documentation

Montageanleitung DLK/T - FKN/T - UV/T (2023)

Mounting instructions (2023)
Instrucciones de montaje (2023)

Montageanleitung DLK/T - FKN/T - UV/T (2021)

Mounting instructions (2021)
Instrucciones de montaje (2021)

Technical data

All important technical data

Product name DLK flatline DLKT flatline DLK Next DLKT Next
Capacity range 0,7 - 6 kW 0,5 - 5 kW 1 - 14 kW 0,5 - 11 kW
Temperature range 0 - 40°C -35 to +40°C 0 - 40°C -35 bis +40°C
Tubes Internally grooved Internally grooved Internally grooved Internally grooved
Tube system Aligned Aligned Aligned Aligned
Number of fans 1 - 4 1 - 4 1 - 4 1 - 4
Fan typ EC / Forced / IP 54 EC / Forced / IP 54 EC / Forced / IP 54 EC / Forced / IP 54
Fan size 250 mm 250 mm 300 mm 300 mm
Fin spacing 4 / 6 / 7 mm 4 / 6 / 7 mm 4 / 7 mm 4 / 7 mm
Energy efficiency class A to C A to C A to C A to C


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