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Heat exchanger and air cooler with up to 12 mm fin spacing

The fin spacing has a decisive influence on the resulting surface area of a heat exchanger: the smaller it is, the more power can be transferred. If the fin spacing is too small, there is a high risk of frequent defrosting which is not very efficient.
Large fin spacing becomes interesting for applications such as
  • Shock freezers
  • Cold rooms with increased humidity due to frequent door opening by loading
  • Missing strip curtain between two cold rooms
  • No pre-cooling room available
The new Roller heat exchanger with 12mm fin spacing contributes to an increased energy efficiency of the entire system by reducing the number of necessary defrost operations. Due to its stable construction with a 9.53 mm core tube and a 0.3 mm thick lamella, the heat exchanger block also withstands mechanical stress, for example from cleaning with a high-pressure cleaner, without any problems.