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More storage space in refrigerated cabinets with the super narrow air coolers from Roller

In restaurants and bars, beverages and food must be cooled hygienically, reliably and efficiently in the smallest possible space. The new VM/VW/VD... EC refrigerated furniture air coolers combine extremely compact dimensions, EC fan technology, and complete corrosion protection, and are also available for all common, individual operating modes.

In commercial refrigerators, refrigerated cabinets and counters, every mm³ available space matters. The compact air coolers VW and VM can be placed perfectly between the door openings of refrigerated cabinets due to their extremely narrow dimensions. The same applies to the flat VD ceiling units. For efficient operation, EC fans are used as standard, saving 80% in energy compared to the previous model.

The likewise standard dip coating of the evaporator block and the powder-coated aluminum housing protect the unit against corrosion even in mixed storage of open and acidic foods. Optionally, the housing is available in stainless steel.

In addition to the direct evaporation version with conventional refrigerants, the evaporator series is also available for operation with fluids (brine) and natural refrigerants, e.g. propane or CO2. For the CO2 evaporators, the max. pressure is PS 80bar.

EC fans are provided with increased humidity protection IP65 and are already pre-wired on terminal box, allowing proper and individual electrical connection of the unit in the refrigeration cabinet.

Roller always pays special attention to serviceability and has equipped the VM/VW/VD with a removable fan panel for easy access to the important components. In the VD ceiling-mounted unit, the drip tray can also be rotated by 180°, which promises even more installation flexibility in the refrigerated cabinet.

For high application flexibility, the refrigerated furniture air coolers are available in three installation and air guidance variants: The VM offers air routing on both sides and is installed in the center bar between two cooling compartments, the VW is wall-mounted and the VD is ceiling-mounted, each with one air direction guide.