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Compact ceiling air cooler FKN/T - new variants

The FKN/FKNT series from Roller is a range of ceiling-mounted air coolers designed to meet the special requirements of small, walk-in cold rooms. These popular air coolers are constantly being improved and their models carefully updated. New in the program are now variants with reduced sound values, as well as for flammable refrigerants.

The FKN/FKNT has already been equipped with a pressure-stable and highly efficient EC diagonal fan for years. Some applications have particularly high requirements in terms of noise emission. For these sound-sensitive applications, a quieter version of the EC fan technology has now been developed. The new, quiet FKN/FKNT air coolers with the additional identification ECDS are characterized by a reduction in sound power level of 4 DB(A) compared to the models x13, x14, x26 and x28 still available.

For use with CO2, a so-called COG version with an operating pressure of 80 bar is available.

With a depth of only 120 mm, the FKN/FKNT is frequently used in refrigerated rooms in the gastronomy sector, where a wide variety of often mixed open foodstuffs are stored. In order to meet the requirements for correspondingly increased corrosion protection, the evaporator block is provided with a cathodic dip coating on the standard side. The special design of the FKN/FKNT also allows to use the unit both as a wall-mounted and as a ceiling-mounted unit. As a wall-mounted variant, only an easy-to-mount drip tray needs to be attached. Easy cleaning in both installation variants is ensured by a completely hinged housing.