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Renewal of the HKN air conditioning system at Walter Roller

More efficient, quieter, more comfortable: conversion of the air conditioning unit system in the administration building of Walter Roller GmbH & Co

The Roller administration building in Gerlingen and the training room were built in 1995 and have always been air-conditioned and heated exclusively by fan coils.

The HKN (Heating, Cooling, New) units are produced in-house and have managed the temperatures for our guests and us in countless meetings and training sessions on a daily basis.

The new HKN (version for wall mounting) in use at Walter Roller

As the HKN appliance family is constantly being adapted to the latest technologies and current requirements, several generations have been skipped. The new fan coils are equipped with EC fan technology and the centrifugal fans can be infinitely adjusted via 0-10 volt control. The power consumption of the fans is drastically reduced by the efficient drive technology (60%) and the air flow is adapted much more precisely to the cooling or heating requirement by eliminating switching stages. This reduces noise emissions and thus increases comfort. The optimized plastic fans are a major improvement on their predecessors made of sheet steel. The roller diameter in the fans has been increased from 133mm to 143mm, which results in lower speeds and therefore noise optimization.

Among other things, the further developed HKNW devices are used, which are mounted freely on the wall. The preferred air direction of intake at the bottom and discharge at the top has been retained. Experience has shown that the perception of moving air by people in the room is very subliminal and is perceived as pleasant rather than disturbing in heating and cooling mode. Maximum comfort.

Two-way water valves with integrated differential pressure regulators were used to ensure a precise flow of water through the heat exchangers. These have the advantage that hydraulic balancing is automatic. This makes these valves the first choice for renovations in particular.

Convenient and intuitive operation

The room operating units used are a particular highlight. The Siemens RDG 260T controllers can be loaded with the relevant application via NFC connection while they are still in the box and disconnected from the power supply. The design of the room operating unit with its backlit display is very aesthetically pleasing and operation is child's play via a touch surface.

Clean look

The appearance of the white powder-coated HKNW sheet steel housing is particularly clean thanks to the downward air intake. The design and finish meet the highest standards. The robust aluminium air intake and air outlet grilles with their black anodized surface provide a strong contrast.

Air filtration and good cleaning options

The new HKNW air conditioners have the same high-quality air filter elements as the HKN chests that are still in the range - they are exactly the same. Practical and really clever for cleaning purposes: removable drip trays/blower units.

Equipped in this way, the Roller administration building can go through the next decade with its own renewed air conditioning technology, energetically and visually up to date.

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