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Delivery reliability, energy efficiency and the use of F-Gas compliant refrigerants are the key themes of Roller's participation at this year's Chillventa. In line with these topics, Roller will be presenting a wide range of innovative, newly developed products at its exhibition stand in Hall 6 Stand 210.


Live on site, you can look forward to these innovations!

New, extremely flat air cooler for careful cooling



  • Air cooler for careful air conditioning of sensitive refrigerated goods
  • Particularly flat, modular design, high power density with a range of 1-6 fans
  • Optimized for CO2, PS 80 bar
  • Swivelling fans as standard
  • Main switch accessible from the front
  • Highly efficient, powerful EC fans
  • 8 rows of tubes in depth for minimum dehumidification

Fan coil - Now also as wall-mounted unit!


  • Multiple variants: all common operating modes with closed-loop control and valve functionality
  • Variety of applications: vertical or horizontal, with or without housing, 2 or 4-wire water or refrigerant
  • Energy-efficient: Minimum installation depth of 136 mm with 7 kW heat capacity (HKN/D 50)
  • Available with CO2 PS 80bar
  • Whisper-quiet: highly efficient, quiet-running quality fans
       More infos about HKN

New dual side discharge dual industrial air cooler



  • Pressure-stable AxiEco Diagonal EC fans hinged as standard
  • Air intake from below or above
  • Ceiling flush stainless steel suspension
  • CO2 evaporator block with PS 80 bar
  • Drip tray drain position flexibly reversible
  • Textile hose connection nozzles for even air distribution, as well as shut-up
  • T-design with built-in electric defrost suitable for deep-freeze applications

The new FHV/FHVT - Now also modular in depth


  • New sizes with 6 rows of tubes in depth additionally available
  • Available with CO2 PS 90bar
  • CO2 units extended by 12mm fin spacing
  • Energy savings of up to 75% through optimized defrosting
  • Fans and heaters wired to external junction box in new type sizes  


       More infos about FHV

Completely redesigned ceiling air cooler with extended functionality



  • High flexibility, 4 or 6 tube rows
  • CO2 up to 12 mm fin spacing
  • 80bar (PS) operation pressure at CO2
  • Operation with A2L | CO2 | Water | Brine
  • Housing with extremely generous breakthrough options
  • Ceiling flush stainless steel suspension
  • Pre-installed Electronic Expansion Valve and EVD-ice Superheat Controller (ECD-ice)


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Revised air cooler for small walk-in cold rooms


  • Pressure-stable, high-efficiency diagonal EC fan with lower noise
  • ECDS: Sound-reduced design
  • Operating pressure up to 80 bar for CO2
  • Versions for CO2, A2L and A3
  • Corrosion protection coating (standard)
  • Suitable for use as a wall or ceiling unit


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Revised air cooler for refrigerated cabinets

VW / VM / VD …EC


  • New, powerful EC fan with approx. 80% energy savings compared to the previous model
  • Fan ending with unit housing
  • Increased IP protection (IP65)
  • Hygiene optimized condensate drain (VD)
  • Available with HFC | A2L |A3 | CO2 | Water | Brine
  • Drip tray 180° reversible (VD)
  • Compact housing dimensions with minimum installation depth of 95 to 110 mm
  • Maximum corrosion protection even with aggressive cooling goods due to fully KTL-coated heat exchanger - standard feature


         More info about VW/VM/VD

High-efficiency heat exchangers to support the energy transition



  • Multi-circuit heat exchangers - interlocked or parallel heat exchangers e.g. for partial load requirements
  • Closed-loop recycling system with efficiencies of up to 80% - TÜV type-tested
  • Heat exchanger in special design - A wide range of options, individually tailored to your application
  • Evaporators and Condensers, Air coolers and Air heaters
  • Operation with HFC | A2L | CO2 | Water | Brine


         More info about Heat exchanger

We look forward to seeing you!

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